Party Tips From the Experts!

Party Tips From the Experts!

We are lucky to have so many amazing experts on the South Shore when it comes to all things PARTIES! Check out some sage advice below from two local experts, Kate and Allison, when it comes to entertaining! Thanks ladies for lending your tips  and cheers to a day in the future when we can all host and attend lot's of parties again! 




  • Batch cocktails are key for entertaining, even in smaller groups. Making a drink that is self-serve gives you more time to enjoy celebrating, and less time measuring and mixing cocktails at the bar. 
  • Summer entertaining is all about casual menus, and foods that do well in the heat. Be thoughtful when planning your menu to add some dishes that are served well at room temperature so you're not stressing about reheating or keeping dishes cold. 
  • Pull inspiration from seasonal ingredients when planning your menu and your table -- like incorporating summer berries into desserts as well as in your table decor. 


  • Don't run to the store or local florist just yet! Check your yard for some seasonal blooms and greenery! Peonies, hydrangeas and zinnias are a few of my favorites in Spring and Summer. 
  • Prep your flowers like a pro! Make sure to cut stems at an angle for maximum hydration, and use the flower food attached for longer vase life! 
  • Keep it simple! You don't need to use many different types of flowers to impress your guests. Large groupings of tulips always look great and with very little effort. Hydrangeas are another great option that pack a big punch when grouped together. 
  • Don't skip the accent greens! Greenery is the best way to make your arrangements look bigger and fuller without breaking the bank. 
  • Lastly, have fun! People love flowers no matter what you do! 


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